Star Brite2

Star Brite2

Got some tough ink coding on your bottles? We heard all about it and created STAR BRITE2, raising the bar to the next level to remove those inks and keep your bottles “squeaky clean”.

STAR BRITE2 is safe and economical to use, will not create residue on your bottles or in your washer AND will eventually remove even old residue from your washer.

STAR BRITE2 is non-foaming, so it can be used in high pressure washers.

STAR BRITE2 has a long tank life and no storage limitations.

To see STAR BRITE 2 in action, check out North Texas Mountain Valley / Water Event and their Steelhead washer.

Find out just how much STAR BRITE2 to use in your washer with our TEST KIT.

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STAR BRITE2 is a spray wash compound designed to clean polycarbonate, PET, copolyester and PVC bottles in washers that subject the cleaning solution to extreme pressure or agitation. A unique surfactant package functions as a cleaner and foam suppressant in washers that create foam due to mechanical design.

We formulated STAR BRITE2 to meet the needs of bottlers who use inks that are especially hard to remove, such as Videojet 8700. STAR BRITE2 removes these inks completely and no shadow is left behind.

STAR BRITE2 has the additional cleaning power to remove cleaner-resistant soils from bottle exteriors. And it does all of this while retaining the excellent qualities of the original STAR BRITE. It is safe for your bottles, rinses freely, will NOT leave residue on bottles or washers, and will NOT clog pumps or nozzles. Washer maintenance is reduced, which saves time and money!

STAR BRITE2 rinses thoroughly, allowing water to sheet evenly off bottles. This sheeting action leaves bottles sparkling with a good appearance when filled. Free rinsing significantly reduces drag out or carryover into the final stages of the washer.

STAR SOLUTIONS, INC. has designed STAR BRITE2 for use in a spray washer. We recommend a concentration of 1 to 3% by volume with water at 120°F to 140°F. Cleaning with STAR BRITE2 should be followed by a potable water rinse and a sanitizing rinse.


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