In the midst of the novel coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic, bottlers are reviewing their procedures to ensure that they are doing absolutely everything they can to maintain the highest standards for their products.

In conversation with one of STAR’s valued customers this week, I had occasion to talk through their cleaning and disinfecting procedures. This is the process we discussed; I recommend it as a guide for all our customers.

During production runs:

Verify that all spray nozzles are free-flowing and aligned properly.

Test the solution in the bottle wash stage for the correct concentration and temperature. For STAR BRITE and STAR BRITE2, concentration should be at 2% by volume and temperature should be 130-140F.

Test the sanitizer stage according to the instructions from the provider.

In the final rinse stage, use the carryover procedure for STAR BRITE and STAR BRITE2 to ensure the absence of soap residue.

At the end of production for the day:

Due to the pandemic, we recommend the following additional steps

Empty cleaner and rinse tanks.
Spray all tank interiors with chlorine.
Rinse with potable water.

The above are guidelines only and are intended to address common concerns in the bottled water industry. They are written based on currently available information. They are not intended as a substitute for sound business practice or adherence to official guidelines. We encourage all our customers to remain informed about ongoing developments and to consult all official publications on the subject.

We offer the following as a suggestion for your route drivers, to offer visible assurance to your customers that you are taking all precautions for their safety. At each delivery, drivers should don disposable gloves before handling the bottles and they should wipe down the exterior of the bottles with disinfectant wipes. Between stops, the used gloves and wipes should be disposed of in a plastic bag.