Power Brite

Power Brite

POWER BRITE removes tenacious soils from concrete floors, removes rubber tire marks and is a pH adjuster, too.


STAR SOLUTIONS, INC. has designed POWER BRITE to use in a floor scrubber for heavy duty concrete cleaning. POWER BRITE will remove rubber tire marks from concrete floors. This product has a non foaming surfactant for use in high pressure spray washers and steam cleaning units. Because of its high alkalinity, it is an excellent acid neutralizer.

POWER BRITE can be used to strip spray washers and to remove carbon and de-rust and clean metal parts. The added benefit of wetting agents aids in emulsifying soil so that it can be rinsed from the surface of the part.

Floor scrubbers: 10% by volume with water

Paint Remover: 20-40% by volume with water, temperature 200-300°F

Soak/Spray Cleaner: 10% by volume with water, temperature 170-190°F

Rust Remover: 25-50% by volume with water, temperature 190-210°F


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